The South Asia Partnership Pakistan

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South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK) initiated existence in 1987, only one year since the lifting of military rule from Pakistan. The military ideology had kept the development and advancement of Civil Society organizations. The smothering political and social environment intensely required that civil society organizations be established and fortified. Keeping this sensitive need in view, a group of intellectuals and social activists established the framework of SAP-PK. The target of the organization was to empower the poorest of Pakistan raise their voice for their rights. With energetic interest of International organizations, SAP-Pakistan devoted its efforts working on different projects, striving to carry through its organizational mission and purpose.
From the very start SAP-Pakistan was aware that the road to objective achievement was complex, but with time, perseverance and struggle success was attainable.
For this reality to consider existence, a collaboration of local organizations was a must. Sap-Pakistan applied its efforts and resources to elevate and hoist the aptitude and capacity of small local civil society groups and organizations.
Within a short time span SAP-PK successfully managed to uplift an effective harvest of individuals and organizations across Pakistan. The initiated program Resource Development Program (RDP) gathered quite popularity and recognition In Pakistan as well as South Asia. The aspiration of the program was to develop capacities of community based organizations in community need and assessment, project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, resource mobilization, financial management, gender and much more, accommodating the needs and requirements of development workers with clarity about terms such as development, in the field relevancy of their skills and experience.
Since its beginning in 1991 the Resource Development Program persisted operations for well over fourteen years, during which SAP-PK trained over 500 organizations, supporting numerous community based model projects for the empowerment of the masses.
A prominent majority of organizations who were trained, technically and financially supported by SAP-Pakistan as of date are still operational. Working in tight collaboration with SAP-PK when and where needed.
One set example is, following the inception and commencement of the local government system in the year 2000, SAP-PK in coalition with 6 other partnering national organizations implemented the Democratic Rights and Citizens Education Program (DRCEP 2000-2003) in 87 districts within Pakistan.
Aside from educating voters, assisting and facilitating political candidate’s, election screening and monitoring in more than 2100 polling stations was achieved through the DRCEP program.
SAP-PK implemented the DRCEP program with the backing and help of the RDP graduates.
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