The Source

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The Source There was once a man named Xavier who was caught stealing, and was asked how did you injure your arm, as he walked towards the Guillotine. He later replied, " It all started when my village was getting burned, people were crying for forgiveness. But they didn't care all they wanted was to conquer and to kill lives of those who starved and screamed for freedom. I knew there was going to be many to die this night, but I had to keep it calm knowing that it is up to me to make a difference, and that's when it all began ……….war against those who slowly killed the lives of innocents. Tan, Tan It's time to get pay back, wait a moment, there is an army needed, which was not in the my hands, but soon it was going to be in my possession. Slowly the man gathered ammunition day after day until it was enough to create his army of brave soldiers just like himself. Time passed wisely until their conquerors plan was near perfection then it could be said that they have succeeded. Time was wasting and we had not found the Source to make all of our plans possible, but we didn't give up we searched and searched until we were weak knowing that they were loosing patience with one another which could start a big problem. This could bring chaos to moving trying to make something happen which village in which very few people lived in. I didn't give up I kept on was far away from occurring. The next morning strange, yet abnormal human beans arrived looking for a Source, asking me if I knew about it. I said, "No", but they knew I was lying because it was the same one I was looking for. The source is called " The Power on how to control MAGIC". They quickly surrounded me, and clobbered me right in the face. I screame... ... middle of paper ... ...egs so he couldn't walk and later just stab him right on the throat. To demonstrate Drome how it feels to be killed by Xavier. As we walked we had encountered him but it was no big deal we planned everything right. So we then killed him and were two hours away from getting to the tower. Two long hours that's for sure. So we hurried having to never give up and accomplishing our mission. As we got we saw these huge demonic robots like if they were from the pass they starred right at us with frustration and rage in there eyes, we quickly pulled our rocket launchers and fired but missed all of a sudden they said something. The message was that they mean no harm they said that they were sent from the future to find the same artifact that we were searching for. As I walked closer I asked him to open his helmet as I starred closely I saw my face starring right at me.

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