The Song of Evil's Powerful Domination

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654 words

All songs have different morals and people will have different opinions on what their significance means. One of my favorite songs "Step" by Vampire Weekend has great meaning to it. The song is about moving along in life, stepping forward into it and continuing on because you can't go back. My favorite lyric in the song, "Wisdom's a gift, but you'd trade it for youth, age is an honor - it's still not the truth" significes someone againg; becoming wiser and experienced. But they would instead give up what they've learned in order to be young again. It also mentions no guarentee of becoming wiser just because they're againg. Everytime I listen to it, I feel as if I'm learning something I didn't know before which is why it means so much to me. Don't you ever imagine what songs really mean, and how they trigger people's emotions in either a sad, happy, nostalic, etc. way? After reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck I've gotten a new perspective on how songs contribute to situations.
I've thought about how The Song of the Family, The Song of Evil and The Song of The Pearl reflected the novel, and came into thinking that The Song of Evil dominated the book. It had many crucial turning points which made conflict rise in order to keep the story at a smooth pace. "Coyotito might die if enough of the poison had got in" (Steinbeck 6). This quote is stating that Kino's son is in danger, leaving the family at risk. When my cousin was battling her cancer there wasn't any medication to make it leave, so all my family did was hope that she'd get better before the situation got worse. "... "So the doctor knew," he said,... for his mind was hard and suspicious and he was remembering the white powder. Juana rocked from side to side and moaned out t...

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...ino because he admires it so much. Same with drugs; people who desire them always get the worse in return. Don't you think some things people are passionate about always get an unpleasant outcome?
Overall, The Song of Evil overpowered The Song of the Family and The Song of the Pearl. It provided suspension, detail, and conflict in order to keep the story steady. The Song of Evil prevented Kino's wishings, building great structure into the novel. It also appears as if Steinbeck ended the book with a great moral, just like songs tend to have, right? Steinbeck writes on how posessions can take advantage of people; in this case the pearl and Kino. I enjoyed this book because it shows the dark side of things people admire and how they can easily turn their life down. Wealth is able to make someone happy, but may have downsides which leads into living an unpleasant life.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the song "step" by vampire weekend has great meaning. it's about moving along in life, stepping forward into it, and continuing on because you can't go back.
  • Analyzes how the song of evil dominated the novel. it had crucial turning points which made conflict rise in order to keep the story at a smooth pace.
  • Analyzes how people can be ignorant and forget about consequences within evil surrounded by them.
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