The Song Of Solomon And Egyptian Love Poems

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Although different individuals and different cultures have diverse perceptions and ideas of love and the emotions it encompasses, we can easily communicate about love across the world. The emotions, actions, and type of people involved can determine how the lover’s relate to each other, to the society, and to the universe. This study will focus on how love was depicted in the Song of Solomon compared to the Ancient Egyptian Love Poems dating from the thirteenth to the eleventh century BCE. There is no known genetic continuity between the two, the comparison of both will help stress the perception of love. Both categories of literature focuses an ideal love rather than reality; we learn how some poets perceived love while defining its potential. Although these songs are similar in subject the way they approach love through the presentation and the use of imagery can be slightly different. Egyptian Love poems are dramatic, they were derived from and ancient culture that was rich in imagery. The imagery illustrates deep emotions of love and affections for another being. The love poems were composed of…show more content…
This book in the Old Testament is composed of short love lyrics alternating speakers between a man and a woman. Many Hebrew and Christian scholars’ prophesized that the love story is an allegory of God’s love for humankind or the intensity of the intensity of the divine love within the human heart. The songs does not only celebrate human love but also erotic desires. The author of the Song of Solomon communicates only through personae. The authorship of the book is questioned because some believe that it was written by multiple authors; unfortunately, there is no written proof or documentation. However, many authors believe that the songs show unity which indicates that it is a single song rather than an anthology of love

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