The Solution Of Ocean Pollution

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INTRODUCTION Ocean pollution is a serious issue that is harming both land and sea inhabitants. It is dropping economic levels and destroying the food chain by killing off the predators’ prey. The great pacific garbage patch is one of the world’s biggest garbage gyres, filled mostly with plastic and other tough biodegradable waste. Even though we don’t live in the ocean it still affects us in many ways, and before we clean up the ocean we must find a way to stop people from littering first.

What is ocean pollution?
Ocean pollution is the unnatural changes and contamination of the ocean mostly caused by humans. These bits of contamination such as trash, have reached a rest in the current and have started to build up into what we call Gyre’s.
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Marine life is dying because all of the plastic and garbage. Ocean pollution is a huge problem in the world, so we have to take this seriously. Ocean pollution is spreading diseases to the people and then the people will die as well as fishes and sea animals. Many people are getting sick because the diseases are spreading out to the people from all of the garbage. So, ocean pollution is not a very easy and simple thing to deal with instead, it’s a huge thing to deal with, because it’s killing Marine Life and that’s not fair for them. Ocean pollution is not killing marine life and sea animals only, it’s also killing the humans, because it affects them. Ocean pollution kills the humans when the humans swim in the sea or in the swimming pool, sometimes when they drink the water, when they take a shower from the beach or even wash their face and their hands from the sea and from all of these trash that are already in the…show more content…
Small prey eat the plastic, then predators eat the prey and the plastic is consumed and the predator might die. Ocean pollution hurts both land and ocean, it hurts them by ruining the animal's habitat and it might ruin more important things. If we trash more and more we might not eat fish because the fishes might eat the plastic then they might die and if we pollute more the population of fish will get smaller. Help the ocean by recycling and not using a lot of trash because if you keep throwing trash then we might live in trash. About 85% of the world's oceans have
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