The Solar System: The Creation Of The Solar System

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Our solar system is a collection, which is the composition of sun, planets, dwarf planets, comets and asteroids. These are held due to the sun’s gravity. There were several theories how our solar system was made.

When science wasn’t developed, people used their imagination to solve the questions on solar system and beyond! Some of them didn’t even think of the existence of the solar system. Maybe it’s more accurate to say they didn’t ‘care’ much because solving the questions about solar system and others wouldn’t make them escape from hunger. Or should say, that wasn’t the most important thing. However, as time passes, some educated people started wondering more about solar system and started exploring them. There have been lots of different ideas about solar system. Most of the ideas came from religion; this was because explanations weren’t needed. Followings are some example of people’s belief in olden days.
> God created the universe and heaven. Therefore all the planets and stars are smooth spheres and it will never change
> God made the Earth for us, so we are the centre of the Universe and others moves around us
> Earth cannot be spinning because we aren’t feeling anything.

People knew for thousands of years that the Earth is spherical. But it’s only been 500 years since we believed that the sun, moon and the stars were rotating around the Earth and moving in circular orbits. This is called the geocentric theory or Ptolemaic system. Even the scientist such as Aristotle and Claudius Ptolemy believed the geocentric theory. This theory was accepted for a long time. The theory mainly came out because of the religious reason and with the belief ‘God created Earth for us, therefore we are the centre of the Universe’. Claudius P...

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...e a lot of things but 99.688% of mass is the Sun. Which means, 0.134% of mass is the possession of others.

The Sun is very special because it’s the only fixed star that can produce light and heat itself. Others, such as the Planets, satellites and asteroid can only reflect the light, which they get from the Sun. It’s not doable for them to produce their own light and heat. The distance between the Sun and the Earth is the average of 149,600,000 km. It’s ‘average of’ because the distance are not always the same. The diameter of the Sun is about 1,391,000 km, which is 109 times the Earth and the mass is 33 times the Earth. However, the average density is only a quarter of the Earth, 1.41g/cm3. This is because the Sun is made of gas unlike the Earth, which is solid. The temperature of the Sun’s surface is about 5,600ºC and the center of the Sun reaches 15,000,000ºC.
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