The Sociological Perspective On Society

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Growing up in 21st century North America has allowed for a fairly privileged perspective on the way day to day life occurs. I have always had a roof over my head, food on my plate, and even a comfortable bed to sleep in; what happens when someone is forced to stop and think about life without these commodities? What happens if all aspects of modern day life in America were, all of the sudden, stripped away forever? The sociological perspective was fabricated based upon a variety of questions that conform to differences in the pattern of behavior throughout divergent societies. The sociological perspective was created to enhance a person’s ability to see the general patterns in the behavior of society and how they influence individuals. There are millions of examples of the way society can affect the way a person behaves; notable instances include the differences between first and third world countries. My upbringing in America has shaped me in a unique way compared to someone my age that had been brought up in an African tribe. It is obvious that the common problems in my society, such as the new iPhone 7 being too expensive for me to afford, are much different than problems within the tribes of Africa, notably the everyday struggle to find proper food and drinking water for the tribe as a whole. Our ability to put ourselves into a sociological perspective is not straightforward when it is based upon everyday life. Most of the time rapid change or crisis within a particular society can enhance our viewpoint of other societies. Though these changes often encourage the use of the sociological perspective they may also lead to overgeneralization. The tragedy of 9/11 is a perfect example of how many Americans shifted their perspecti... ... middle of paper ... ...l inequality. Though today’s generation is much more for equality than their elders, there are still a few links to social-conflict. One example of this would be the glass ceiling of pay from women compared to men. Society is always changing with the world around us. No two societies are exactly the same because societies are as unique as the individuals they hold. Growing up in 21st century North America was a privilege. My society has shaped me into becoming an intelligent, open minded person. I was surrounded by ever-changing technological advances, as well as the newest ideas of how a social-conflict approach can reduce inequalities between the population. If I had grown up in 18th century Europe, I simply would not be the person I am today. Society is much more impactful than most people make it out to be. Without society, how would people function as a whole?

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