The Society Plays A Huge Role On Body Image

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The society plays a huge role on body image, how a person sees himself or herself can be affected positively or negatively through other people’s comments, (Social media, music industry, books/magazines etc.). Self-esteem and confidence also play a huge role in how people are able to portray themselves. First impressions they say leave a lasting impression. In my case, my physique, the way I dress and my gender all play a role in people’s first impression of me. We’ve all been to events where we are told to dress to impress, meaning dress in approval of not only yourself, but also the society. It is shown in the popular saying; “dress the way you would like to be addressed" this it is just a little part of how opinions are formed. The way one carries, portrays and respects himself or herself would also go a long way in forming people 's opinion about you. Due to the fact that I wear fitted clothes, people see me as a social girl but also as a girl who loves to party. Some people go further to make the assumption that I tend to make bad decisions in life due my free way of dressing and also the confidence in the way I walk. The media for so many decades has firmly molded this idea of how one should look physically, meaning their physique, or of how, when and where one should dress, all these are based on one’s gender. Drawing from my experience, some people’s first impressions are solely based on my physique and then they begin to draw conclusions by observing what I wear, the way I walk and ultimately me being a female (because of this stereotype that women are seen as sexual beings). I walk in a very confident way, which make people very scared to talk to me. Sometimes when I am being approached the first comment I get is how s... ... middle of paper ... ...body, because there is a pre-disposed idea of what the media has given them because of (talk about skinny and fat girls also). To elaborate, pressure from the media, which has an impact in the society, brings about body dissatisfaction of oneself and body dissatisfaction would bring about and most definitely would cause low-esteem causing mental problems. In conclusion, people make assumptions and comments according to how I dress and carry myself. Because I have a slim figure I’m seen as a girl that goes to the gym and a girl that is very determined and because I wear tight-fitted clothes and like to show off my legs, some people tend to see me as an attention- seeker and unserious person. These positive and negative effects are influenced by the social construction of the society and the media. This I believe is the major reason why people have these assumptions.
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