The Social Work Of A Social Worker

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I. Introduction: Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work designed the Social Work Reinvestment Act to advocate the issues of recruitment, research and retention within the Social Work profession. Problems that are faced as a social worker is high educational debt, fair wages, work safe environments, and ongoing research. This reinvestment act is set up to protect us as individuals while advocating for equal rights in this helping profession. In supporting this reinvestment act, the hardships we encounter as a social worker are indescribable. The amount of care that is needed in this society to help individuals live life comfortably while being provided the right resources can become overwhelming to those within this profession. In this field there are a lot of turnover rates due to heavy caseloads, unfair wages, and lacking the knowledge of self-care and proper research to help others understand our role and responsibilities as a social worker. This reinvestment act will allow professionals, as ourselves, to become even more competent in our careers and for us to continue to advocate for our rights. II. Body According to the National Association of Social Workers, this profession provides essential services to more than 10 million individuals across the lifespan and have long been the workforce to guide people to critical resources, counsel them on important life decisions, and help them reach their full potential. The social safety net has grown to include and protect a diverse group of people of all ages. Social workers have become vital to older persons who need long term care, persons struggling with addictions, and communities that are devastated by natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and violent tragedies... ... middle of paper ... ... this profession by offering competitive and fair wages, continuing to education and develop research, provide safety guidelines, assist with loan forgiveness and tuition cost, help recruitment and retention rates and most importantly provide title/licensing protection. There is so much effort that is being put into this profession and not being recognized for the hard work given, compensated unfairly, or unable to provide additional research to gain knowledge of the role/ responsibilities of a social worker can possibly effect to performance given to handle each individual in a respectable manner. Supporting the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative will ensure a safe net for our profession and with the help of supportive legislators and individuals in our field, we can continue to assist individuals and families with the help and resources best fit for their needs.

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