The Social Theory Of Crime

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The Social Structure Theory this is broken down into three sub-theories, social disorganization theory, strain, theory, and cultural deviance theory. The Social Structure theory is based that crime is committed by people who live in lower income areas. This theory says that people who live in lower income areas commit crimes for various reasons such as gaining success and cultural normality. The Social Conflict Theory views crime based on the works of Karl Marx. The Social Conflict Theory is based that crime is caused the difference in social classes. This theory explains why those in the lower class commit crimes and also why those in the upper class commit crimes. The Social Structure Theory has three components, the social disorganization theory, the strain theory, and the cultural deviance theory. Crime is mostly committed in areas plagued with poverty. The social disorganization theory says that people who live in lower income neighborhoods commit crimes because there is a lack of social control in that area. Juvenile delinquency is high in lower income areas due to the lack of control. These are the least desirable living areas. According to Shaw and McKay, those are “areas with divergent values and transitional population produce criminality. Criminality is the act of actually committing a crime. The Strain Theory says that crime comes from people’s frustration that they cannot achieve social and economic success in a legal and legitimate manner. Merton say that people have needs that they satisfy in a way that is illegal. People living in the slums are trying to live the “American Dream” in a way that is not legal. The Cultural Deviance theory says that the lower class has certain customs that those of the upper class... ... middle of paper ... commit crimes to compete in with upper class citizens. The Conflict theory is more interested in groups unlike the Social Structure theory which looks at the individual instead. These theories are useful to understand why the crime rate in high in lower income neighborhoods are higher than the upper class neighborhoods. They also explain why police are more likely to patrol the low income neighborhoods because it is more likely that people will commit crime in those areas. These theories explain why people commit the crimes that they do. Poor people commit crimes to get wealthy and wealthy people commit crimes to stay wealthy. Being that the criminal justice is made to work for the wealthy people it is not that useful unless a person has money. If that person lives in poverty then they are more likely to be arrested and convicted than if they were to have money.
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