The Social Penetration Theory, And Verbal And Non Verbal Communication

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The ways of communication is vary, and we interact each other through the unique communication each other. 500 days of summer, which is one of the famous movie, we can recognize some important communication theory. In this paper, I would like to write about focus on the social penetration theory revealed in 500 days of summer. In this movie, some essential perspectives of penetration theory are revealed: depth and breadth of penetration, stages of the penetration theory, and verbal and non-verbal communication. In this essay, I am going to discuss these three characteristics revealed in the movie, 500 days of summer with my observations. First of all, depth and breadth of penetration is revealed in this movie. Firstly, the breadth of penetration is described by the Griffin (2009); “the range of areas in an individual’s life over which disclosure takes place…The breadth is the amount of information we disclose between two people.” In the case of relationship between Tom and Summer we learned about, Tom’s breadth is his job, a fan of The Smith, and where he is from. In addition, for Summer, her breadth learned about her job, a fan of The Smith, and where she is from, and “Anal girl”. If I take one of example from these breadth, Summer does not tell when she started liking The Smiths, or how she discovered The Smiths, or what her favorite song by The Smiths is. None of that information is any more personal than “I love The Smiths.” I believe that it is not on a deeper level. As this story shows that at the first time they met, they talked small talk. However, the depth of penetration is not the same as the breadth of penetration. Through the depth of penetration, their relationship has changed. The Griffin (2009) describes about ... ... middle of paper ... ...eling, and and always ask for verbal confirmation to be certain that summer are on the mark. In conclusion, in the movie of 500 days of summer, we can recognize important intercultural communication theory, social penetration theory. I discussed breadth and depth of communication, stage of the self-disclosure, and verbal and non-verbal self-disclosure in this paper. Though this essay, I realized that how the self-disclosure plays an important role to build a relationship. Whether it is friendship or romantic relationship, we can adapt social penetration theory into our daily communication process. I believe that our relationship develop through social penetration theory, so it is vital to understand and know the theory and process of social penetration theory, especially the way of self-disclosure. It definitely help us to gain the communication competency.
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