The Social Institution Of Family

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The social institution I have chosen to address is that of family. An individual’s family life, both past and present, can have such a big impact on a person’s life in both a positive and negative manner. It is how we as individuals chose to handle life changing situations that will shape our lives and those around us. Family is such a fascinating social institution to study because every individual comes from a different family background or has a different experience than that of a sibling. You can learn so many things about a person by looking into their family background, origin and what type of up brining they had. My family experiences has shaped who I am today and has given me the base for my strengths and has also shaped what I would say are my weaknesses. Being raised in a low-income working class family we had many struggles to face as I was growing up. There were many obstacles to overcome and many cruel stereotypes to try and avoid or least not let them affect you too much. The cruel stereotypes I faced growing up came from those that were considered to be in the upper class of the social circle in the community that I grew up in. I was brought up in a small farm based community which consisted of mainly low income or middle class hard working white families, but surprisingly the community had its fair share of the upper and higher middle class social circles with one black family and several migrant families that came and went with the seasons. I look back and remember how many of the children from the lower or bottom end middle class families were teased and it makes me so upset, but as a whole community I cannot remember any racist remarks towards those that did not fit the so called upper class popular group. I gr... ... middle of paper ... ...There is always that one person that haunts your past and you try to get past it but there is something that keeps a small grasp on you. For me that is my family members that molested me as a child. It effects my adult life through my marriage and the issues I have with being touched and throughout my childhood I found I sought out attention whether it was good or bad , I did not care as long as I was away from the family members and the awful situation. I have worked on accepting it was not my fault, but it takes time for forgiveness. So in conclusion, I just ask that society embraces those that are different or seem to be struggling because we have no idea what their home life is or was like growing up and if they are having personal struggles that may make them appear to be different. If we can all do this, life for everyone will be more empowering for everyone.
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