The Social Effects Of Racism In A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Embedded within society is a social structure based upon race, financial state, political stance, and sometimes even gender. Racism is the social, financial, and even political prejudice against one or more races. For example, people of one race may not get the same ¨treatment¨ as other races. This prejudice often leads to a minority leading a movement to either prevent this type of behavior or attempting to abolish the racism in all. Racism is a poison that injects itself into this world and paralyzes everything that makes even the slightest bit of contact with it, whether it be children or the elderly, racism can have its effect on everyone, even on a full blown society as a whole. The fight against racism is timeless and is shown in many…show more content…
It does this by introducing different characters and comparing them to each other, these characters are called foils. Atticus is a foil to Bob Ewell as Bob is a racist and a bad parent and Atticus is a faithful father and is representing a black man in court. Although he loses the case, he shows perseverance and grit throughout the trial. The trial itself brings people together, but the reasoning behind the trial pulls society apart, another effect that racism has on society. Racism can even take its toll on children and leave them scarred for life. Throughout the book, children are exposed to the true way of life in the United States. They are shown how people of different races are treated differently but in reality, are very similar themselves. This book also demonstrates how racism can spread through families. Every child in that book has culminated a social standpoint based off of family beliefs or who they are around most, whether it be in the house or at school. For…show more content…
They were indirectly taught because they were not taught how to be racist in school, but were taught unintentionally by the government and independent businesses by seeing signs in the street saying ¨colored only” or bathrooms and movie theaters only being open to whites. In the “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. King expresses the need for racial justice and equality in society. He states that equality is necessary for future generations to be successful (Check over these statements). Throughout the speech, Dr. King compares freedom to a check that has been marked insufficient funds (Use quote here) This relates to the question at hand because in this case, racism affected society so much that people felt the need to speak in public to thousands of supporters. Dr. King also emphasizes the need for change, not only in the government and in laws, but in society as well. Even if there are laws enacted by the government protecting one race, society will still continue to discriminate because of the fact that racism is within everything, from households, to schools, to even

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