The Social Effect On Today’s Popular Entertainment

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Today in the media of society the popular entertainment has caused the social ills to plague against society in American. However society is an argument statement, that been distracted tranmental by the possibilities of a brighter and new future of American. Most Americans has caused the promoting negative images of minorities in the media, encouraging violence against and the subjugation of women in music, movies, and careers choice. Social illness has taken over many adolescent attention spans. Lastly society is on their last leg to recover from an American eruption towards the popular entertainment. The source that started it all in the media is TV violence with young children. Because in the 21st century, some parents in the world have over twenty years of numerous academic and public health organizations and agencies. Most psychologists agree that children in the range of an Infant, though preschooler have a higher attention expanse then older children’s. Because most children that are younger have a greater start to recognized the world. Also they can be attracted to lights, sound waves that comes from the Television. A fact that parents don’t know is that television programs with violence comes on around 8 pm. Which is actually the origianal time for family’s bonding. Children that watch too much of violence TV becomes aggressive towards adults. Because studies says that two through five years olds watch an average of thirty one hours of TV each week for more than four hours each day. Also hundreds of TV violence has serious effect on children’s. Like for example it develop strong emotional fears that becomes less sensitive to pain from others and immune to horror violence. In the meantime TV should be a privilege not... ... middle of paper ... ...n years old is not able to make independent. The future of Adolescence for Americans, the probability of living a long life has never been so high. Today’s youth will live longer and healthier lives than those of past generations. Teenager’s life has been improved to be steadily, yet youth achievement is steadily increasing despite the youth population. Teen suicide rates are alarming high yet the topic of teen suicide gets less media attention than teenager’s violence. Which is prevented in the media. The lack of attention to the real problems teens face is poverty, hopelessness, unending expectations, and despair. Our nation is not at risk because youth are underperforming but it’s because of adults’ behavior. To the extent our society risk of defective teens. A society that is careless in its, education guidance, general support, and even its knowledge of youth.
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