The Social Depression: The Tragedy Of The Great Depression

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1133 words

The Tragedy That Was The Great Depression Imagine living in a country full of wealth and then all of a sudden, BAM! the economy falls and everyone loses their money over night, losing everything they love and living in a world full of dirt and suffering. The Great Depression was a quick punch to the stomach to the U.S. and its people leaving suffering and scarred long after. After World War 1 prior to The Great Depression, the U.S. was in a successful state where everyone could get what they wanted. Until a sudden crash in the stock market showed that their perfect paradise was destined for disaster. The Great Depression is historic because It was an event where people suffered for many years, showed problems with the economy, and started social welfare to protect people. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the great depression was a quick punch to the stomach for the u.s.
  • Analyzes how the great depression affected the united states and the entire world.
  • Analyzes the impact of the stock market crash on the u.s. economy.
  • Analyzes how the atrocity of the depression had left people with a hard time, and that herbert hoover had to find ways to end it.
  • Analyzes how franklin roosevelt's ideas helped the u.s. out of the great depression.
  • Explains franklin's efforts to help the united states during the dust bowl and stock market crash, but it wasn't until the second world war that the economy recovered.
  • Concludes that the great depression was impactful because many suffered in the event, showed vulnerability within the economy, and began social welfare for all.

With the end of the first World War the United States was benefiting financially by helping Europe, until the stock market crash that has happened on October 24, 1929 (Benson). This means that with the stock market crashing, the U.S. would fall economically along with the ones who relied on them for support in Europe. This is important because if the United States and Europe have economic trouble this would be a problem for international trade and hurt even more countries. Since so many people had invested in stocks, the people lost all of their money, almost over night, and jobs had decreased leaving many unemployed (“Great Depression”). This is important because this means people would not be able to afford the everyday essentials such as food and water. In other words the majority of U.S. citizens was living in poverty searching the country to try and find a way to make ends meet or find a

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