The Social Construction Of Gender Roles

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As we are born, gender roles are already put into play, we may not notice it because we are so immune to seeing it as a normal daily basis life. It is said that we develop our roles from our parents whether it is right or wrong, we conduct the way we shape our lives which it could become a good or a bad thing. This usually comes from, like I said, the day we are born, infants, and this is how it ends up teaching us the way we should express ourselves and how we would be accepted in our society. Everyone is constantly “doing gender” without it being known they or we doing gender (Lorber p.65). I could say I am the way I am today, and I could say it is because of my parents and the social construction of gender that is being used in today’s…show more content…
Babies are then born; they are then dressed in clothing depending on what the sex of the baby is. This is when sex category comes into role, then gender is categorized in the status through baby naming, clothing, and other gender markings. Once a child’s gender is obvious to others, others then tend to treat those in one gender differently from the other. Children tend to respond, feel, and behave differently from those who are associating with them. Adolescent in boys and girls are approached in an avoiding manner with each other when it comes into gender mating. Parenting is also gendered, that we have different expectations from our mothers and our fathers. The work level between the adults of men and women, mothers and fathers, are life experiences that helped to shape them, in categories that we call feminine or masculine. These are some ways that constitute the social construction of gender. Gender roles are constantly changing till this…show more content…
In elementary, I wondered at how some girls were not playing certain sports like soccer or basketball when it was recesses or time to go to P.E. Maybe they were just not good at it, as I thought, but then when I asked how come they were not playing or why they are giving the teacher a hard time about playing the sport? Then they had answered “its for boys, only boys play those sport.” From there, I was able tell that their parents either told them that certain sports are for boys and not for girls. As for me, my parents allowed and encouraged us to play any sport we thought we wanted to do, even if we ended it up not liking it, they did not allow us to

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