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The movie “Smoke Signals” is a story about a young man whose abusive father runs away to Phoenix, Arizona, so he wouldn’t be reminded of him killing two people by accident when he was drunk. Victor (main character) leaves his home to travel to Phoenix to find forgiveness for his father.
At the beginning of this movie they are all hanging out having fun and then Victor’s mother gets a call from Suzy (victor’s father’s neighbor). Suzy tells Victor’s mother that Victor’s father has passed away and that his ashes are with her. Victor’s mother gave him all the money she had for a rainy day. He takes the check and goes to a store to get it cashed where he runs into his somewhat friend Thomas. Thomas asks Victor about his dad and how he is going to get there with no money and no car. So Thomas makes a deal with Victor that if Thomas will pay for him to get there, then Thomas gets to tag along with him. At first Victor declines the offer then he accepts it. So later that day they head off to go to Phoenix and start walking to the bus stop. They run into two of their friends whose car will only drive in reverse and then they offer them a ride only if Thomas will tell them both one of his stories. So the two girls give them a ride and drive off.
Once they are on the bus Victor keeps having flashbacks of when he was growing up. One flashback was when his dad ran away and Victor climbed into the bed of his father’s old yellow pickup truck and drove off. His mother chased the car down and Victor’s father got out of the truck and picked Victor up and set him on the ground. His father then drove off as Victor chased and begged his father to stop and come home and stay. Once Victor and Thomas got to Victor’s father’s home they both met Suzy. Su...

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...ok at the future. He always wanted to come back home but was ashamed to because he was responsible for two peoples deaths while he was drunk. He didn't want to see his son because he thought he would be ashamed about his father for being the cause of two people’s deaths. Victor is the kind of kid who is a jerk and don’t care about anyone don’t care what happens and has had the worst life ever. At the end he turns out to be a kid who could be anyone’s friend. He is also caring and willing to share at the end of his journey. He also finds forgiveness at the end of his journey. So my question to you is; Could you forgive a parent if they abandoned you without saying anything to you, but later found out the true reason and they were just too ashamed to tell you?

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