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The Smartphone Communication across the globe has recently changed since the invention of the smartphone. This high tech tool has many features that can help to make someone’s life a little bit easier. It has improved ways of thinking as well as the way people go about their daily activities. The smartphones capability of searching things quicker and making communication easier allows people around the globe to stay connected at faster speeds than ever before. Before the smartphone was ever created, there were other phones, as well as computers, that allowed people to keep in touch with each other and be aware of what was going on around them. Slide phones and flip phones provided easy communication, while computers provided information…show more content…
This smartphone made everything run smoother, and with its colorful touchscreen and apps, it allowed people to do the unthinkable. It had much more features than the earlier smartphones did. One could call, text, search the internet, and even take pictures and post them on social media. A few years before the iPhone was released no one would have ever thought that these things would have been possible. One important feature that is able to get someone out of trouble is the GPS system. If someone is stranded and can not find their way home, they are able to use the GPS navigation system built into their phone to get back safely. This is an improvement over the reading of a paper map. The GPS on the smartphone talks to the operator and displays a virtual path that may not be one hundred percent correct all the time, but it will get them in the area that they need to be…show more content…
Apps like FaceTime and Skype allow people to video chat. Video chatting is when two or more people call each other so that they can see each other while talking. If a dad had an important flight to catch and could not make his sons baseball game, the mom could FaceTime the dad while he is on the plane or waiting in the airport. Even though the dad was not physically present he could still watch his son play the game. These apps can be used all around the world from Europe to the US. Families and friends could communicate in ways that they could not in the past. The only difference is that they are not physically present, but sometimes at least seeing someone’s face and talking to them is better than just hearing their voice over a speaker. Overall the smartphone is a good tool that has proved itself over the years. It allows people to know what is going on in today’s society, and it helps people stay in touch. At this point in time everyone needs to understand what is going on in the world around them, but at the same time they need to be careful about how much time they spend on their phones. Too much of something is not good, but a respectable amount

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