The Small Secret Door

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One rainy day, there was a girl name Caroline. That had a father and a mother. Her mother is very pretty and her name is Emmy. Her father in the other hand he was lazy and his name was Steven. Caroline loved rain. When it rain she would go outside and play on the poples of rain.
School is staring and Caroline is all excited about going to school. Caroline and her mother when to go shopping for school. The town they live in it was the best town in place, their were no jobs and stored barely had things to sell. Well Caroline took her mother to this small stored where they had clothing, except everything was black and white, but this gloves. Caroline ask her mother . Mom, “ cant I get this yellow gloves”?
But her mother didn’t had the money for it so she said. no Caroline. “why not this other gloves where they would match your clothes”?
Caroline didn’t think that was fair,so she said that she wanted to leave. Her mom and her went home. She went to her room, her mom told her the dinner would be done in 20 minutes. Then Caroline said “ okay”.
Then Caroline went to see her father, and see what he was working on.
The her father asked Caroline.
“how was shopping with mother”?
Caroline said.. dad,” mom didn’t wanted to buy me this yellow part of gloves.”
Then her mom yelled its time to eat!
Her dad said to Caroline,” ill be there in a minute after I finish this paper”
Caroline find her way to the kitchen. Then her mom said
“ill wait for your dad to get down here to bring up the great news we have for you”.
Caroline wondering what was going to be about. Her father came down.
Caroline said, “so what is the exciting new..” her mom said “honey we are moving tomorrow”.
Caroline saying but ,”what!?” tomorrow is the first day of ...

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.... But the nothing happen. Then the ground was falling apart. Where they both got inside the house.
Her other mother hug her and said “its alright”..(creepy laugh) hah aha well I guess you don’t get to see your parents, and I GET TO SEW BUTTONS ON YOU!!. the Caroline ran but nothing she could but find the key. She search and search. Then notice the key was tie to her neck. Then Caroline decided “ okay, if I let you sew my eyes you’ll let me me go and my parents. Right”? Then she walk around while she was talking and then.. JUMP! On her back took the key and married to open the door first time didn’t get it. Second time she did. Ran on the tunnel as fast as she could then lock the door.

Then Caroline went upstairs to see her mom, in tears.
Apologize everything she had said or done to her. And Caroline said
“mom, I love you and you are the best mom in the world”.

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