The Slave State Of Virginia, And I Am A Pro Slavery

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Slavery Justified I, George Fitzhugh, was born in the slave state of Virginia, and I am a pro-slavery activist. As a lawyer, painter, and political writer, I became an advocate for the movement referred to as the “Reactionary Enlightenment” of the antebellum American South ( explain what the reactionary enlightenment was). With two books and countless journals and pamphlets defending the Slave South, my thoughts on the legalization of slavery, and also the expansion of slavery even at a time when the abolition movement had gained momentum. Not only do I not believe in the justification of the Constitutional argument, I rather champion the idea of forgoing the idea of Negro inferiority and insisting that anyone of any race could become a slave if caught early enough in their childhood. I argue that 1 in 20 people are unable to govern themselves. My rhetoric is one that rejects capitalism and is in favor of a socialist economy. I believe there is the need for the South to diversify her economy from an agricultural one to an industrial one to advance the South’s economy and education all with the labor of slaves. One of the most prominent aspects of my argument is that I champion a society, a world in fact, based on slavery; not a race based slavery but the institution in general. In fact, I believe that a defense of slavery in racial terms is absurd. It is evident that for the effective economic growth of any society, some people need be enslaved because of the labor that is required to build, establish and maintain the society. This why I am in favor the socialist economy. A look at the governments of Rome will show that such an economic setup was very successful. It was made the most powerful of Empires ever. Capitalism ... ... middle of paper ... ...e”( Missouri Compromise) and protects slaves from maltreatment. No such context exists in the North, and so the impulse to exploit worker for maximum profit is unrestrained and hence the labor system more cruel. “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive when the legislature cannot be convened against domestic violence.”(Frederick Douglass’ Speech). A colonial law to which we refer was passed by Massachusetts in 1705. It is entitled "An act for the better preventing of a spurious and mixed issue,"(Dred Scott Decision Majority Opinion). It provides, that if any Negro or mulatto shall presume to smite or strike any person of the English or other Christian nation, such Negro or mulatto shall be severely whipped.

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