The Skills that Lead to Success

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1 in 50 American children are homeless. There are about 1.5 million children in America each year who are homeless,(“How many children in America are homeless?”). Are these children able to break away from the way they were raised? Are there other factors to why these children are homeless? Is there anyway people can help these children find success in the future? Most children who are homeless have to break free from their parents and how their parents raised them. As the children grow into adults they have to forget their childhood to make sure they don’t make the mistakes. At the same time, they need to remember the hardships they went through in their childhood. If they remember those they will make sure they never make it back to the struggle they have experienced. It is hard for any person to break free from the way they were raised especially if the children are facing struggles they shouldn’t have to face at such a young age. Certain factors affect whether or not a person can rise above a difficult family upbringing. Jeannette Walls grew up in a family that was always on the move. Her family struggled with income and she tried to find food anywhere a lot. Liz Murray was homeless and ended up going to Harvard on a scholarship. Jeannette Walls and Liz Murray had factors in their life that made it more difficult to rise above their parents. Children have to go through this every day, but some people never even realize what is going on around them every second of every day. One factor that can affect a person’s ability to rise above is drugs/alcoholism. Drugs and alcoholism affected Liz at an early age. Both of Liz’s parents were drug addicts and spent all the family’s money on their addiction. “I just need a chance. A... ... middle of paper ... ...ome children think about how they are going to eat the next day. People need to be more aware of how children are struggling and try to help the best they can. Most children going through a challenge just want some support to help them through the struggle. Are people going to take the stand and help the children in need? Works Cited Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. “How many children in America are homeless?” Hope for the Homeless. March 31, 2010. Web. May 21, 2014. Homeless to Harvard. Peter Levin. Lifetime. 2003. Film. Walls, Jeannette. The Glass Castle. Scribner: New York, 2005. Print. Wyman, June. “Drug Abuse Among Runaway and Homeless Youths Calls for Focused Outreach Solutions.” National Institute on Drug Abuse. May/June 1997. Web. May 21, 2014. NCTSN. “National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. NCTSN. November 2013. Web. May 21, 2014.
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