The Situation in the French Empire in 1807

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Overview of the situation of the French Empire in years 1807 : - Despite the success of foreign and domestic policy were all exhausted and sick of war which lasted 15 years absorbing all young French generation of young men, brothers. Pumped from industry and agriculture the most working hands and distorts life. Faced with challenges feeling of tension. All wars of the Consulate and the Empire were conquest. The wars were short, offensive and aggressive, because only then Napoleon won. The war was accompanied by unprecedented peeling losers countries enormous contribution and requisitions - they had to pay to Napoleon. Right robbed the conquered territory. In 1805 there was a financial crisis in France as a result of the erosion of normal economic relations and in 1807-1808 was the industrial crisis. Since France was building from gold and wealth they weren’t creating their own stuff in addition other countries had a large production developments and that is why they did not develop as much, for example England. Unfortunately French were always competing with England, therefore they improved their marine. However, French did not like Fulton’s idea about introducing steamship. English people and Americans took an advantage of this and immediately made some action. Since they did not use any new invention in the army. They rather complement foreign army regiments for which they began to loose. The army became multinational however as for the fighting force; it did not improved. The generals were becoming older but they did not name new ones. France just used variations that Napoleon introduced previously to them. The soldiers were dissatisfied and that is why they become unreliable. Fouche one of Napoleon own minister had be... ... middle of paper ... ...lliance with Russia fell also because both countries choose the wrong negotiators, who were both against the alliance. The agreement has also not resulted because he did not marries a sister of a Russian ruler Alexander. And that is why Napoleon ended up marring the daughter of the Austrian monarch; Francis. Russia was not convenient for the blockade of England . 5 years of blockade of England was unsustainable . In England established technological revolution and began to trade with the Americans. Napoleon lost the war with Russia because they were relying on quick agreement on peace, what happened. He could not get oppressed people to their side. Allies conquered by France and decided his fate. all of this resoluted .. Napoleon did not began an empire over night and also did not lose over night it was all building up over the years just like his sicknesses

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