The Sinning Of The Titanic Research Paper

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291 words

the Sinking of the Titanic In this paragraph I am introducing the topics for my other paragraphs. There are many interesting things I am going to talk about. These things may include when and where the disaster occured. How it all happened and how long the ship took to sink. Lastly how many people died and survived during the accident. The disaster was on the night of April 14th 1912. It followed on to the morning of April 15th. The time was around 11:40 pm. It occured in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic had a total of 2,200 people on board. The Titanic had hit an ice burg. This is because the ship couldn’t turn fast enough, so the ice burg struck the Titanic. It took about 160 minutes for the ship to fully sink.

In this essay, the author

  • Introduces the topic of the titanic's sinking in the north atlantic ocean. the disaster occurred on april 14th 1912, followed by the morning of april 15.
  • Explains that the titanic hit an ice burg because the ship couldn't turn fast enough. it took about 160 minutes to fully sink.
  • Explains that when the titanic hit the ice burg, only 700 people got off and onto the lifeboats. around 1,500 people died that night.
  • Explains that the captain had known about the ice, because of the warnings they got, and it caused damage to the ship's starboard, as well as the rest.
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