The Similarities Between A Death And A Birth?

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When one thinks about a death and a birth, they do not tend think about their similarities. One example of how they can be similar is how people gather for both. Before a baby is born, a celebration, or a baby shower, is held. Baby showers are held not only so that the mother can receive gifts in preparation for the new baby, but also so that they can welcome the new addition to the family. When the time comes, and a loved one dies, the family members hold a funeral. A funeral is not only so that the family can grieve, but also so that they can celebrate the person that has died. The family is celebrating the time that they had with this person, before they died. There is also preparation for these two celebrations. When a person, usually a…show more content…
People can compare these two topics, but in the end they are both part of life. If one looks at the true meanings behind the two occasions, they can be quite similar. If someone looks at the different emotions, some may be different, like being upset, depending on the situation. When comparing the two, it also depends on the person 's outlook on what is happening. An example of this would be if they do not have a good experience with someone dying, they may think completely different on if these two are similar or not. The circle of life is a crazy thing, people die, and people are born, sometimes people die as soon as they are born, this is all part of life though, because if no one did, than the earth would be over populated, and then we would all die, because there would be no food left. No one lives forever, once someone is born, they are going to die at some point. Life is also a mystery; you never know what is going to happen next. One never knows how a baby will turn out in the future, or if they will have a fulfilling life. Looking at the two topics, one tends to think of all the differences that they have, but they can also be very similar. People tend to be one sided when they think of these subjects, because of the experiences that they had with them. Emotions are a big part in this, because it makes a person feel a certain way about a topic. Gathering can also take part in these two occasions, because these are two big things in our lives, ones that we will remember forever. Some people are too young though to remember what happened at a certain point in time, and they are thought of as the lucky ones. Many things can take part in how these two occasions can be thought of as similar, but they can also be different. This depends on how the person wants to look back at a memory. Some may think about all of the good times that they had with a
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