The Similarities And Differences Between Judaism And Jewish Beliefs

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386 words

The Jewish belief I researched was the Sabbath. This belief is based on the fact that God rested on the seventh day after creation. Keeping the Sabbath came from the fourth of the ten commandments given by God. The Sabbath begins Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday at sunset. During this time, no work is permitted. Even doing little things such as turning on a light are not permitted for orthodox Jews. Other variants of Judaism are not as strict on what can be done on the Sabbath. This Jewish custom is also shared by those that practice Christianity, but there are some differences. With Christianity, a sort of Sabbath is celebrated on Sunday rather than Saturday like in Judaism. The reason for this is that Jesus’s resurrection occurred on

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the jewish belief that god rested on the seventh day after creation. the sabbath begins friday at sunset and ends on saturday. other variants of judaism are not as strict.
  • Explains that in christianity, a sabbath is celebrated on sunday rather than saturday like in judaism, because jesus's resurrection occurred on the same day.
  • Explains that although the days are different for the two religions, there are some similarities in the practices. jewish people cannot do any kind of work, but families and communities gather and do activities such as eating, playing board games, and in some communities, even playing sports.
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