The Significance of Borders Through Trade and Safety

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Interpretation Borders between countries continue to be of great importance for all the countries involved. The recent financial crisis solidifies the crucial significance of borders that create safety, trade and continuing regulations between countries. The geographic region of Jerusalem is a perfect example to demonstrate why borders are of such importance. Analysis Borders seem to be slowly disappearing. The United Nations came out with a report stating that upwards of 214 million migrants are currently in the global workforce, with “Poles and Estonians in Dublin, Filipinos in Dubai, Mongolians in Prague [and] Nepalis in South Korea” (Joyce, 2010). Borders at present are important for migrant workers. In the beginning of 1990s, Israel had around 300,000 workers come into their territory (Schnell, 2011, p. 157). Borders are implemented for a reason, as there is no denying that socio-economic and cultural traditions may widely differ from one country or region to its neighbor. With hopes of maintaining order, certain policies must be practiced. Such is the case with the “open borders between Israel and Palestine in Jerusalem [where] the adoption of coordinated economic policies and common tax and tariff policies” is essential (Schnell, 2011, p.157). The border policy, as it is right now, lends itself to having “a high potential to undermine the sustainability of any peace agreement between the two states” (Schnell, 2011, p. 158). Globalization is happening, but the world still remains “semi-globalized” for the most part and it will take more time to reach the full potential of globalization (Upadhyayula, 2010 p. 147; Ghemawat, 2007). Countries and regions all have different areas that they prioritize first. It’s im... ... middle of paper ... ... Still Matter." Vikalpa: The Journal For Decision Makers 35, no. 3: 147-149. 5. Helliwell, John F. (1998). How Much Do National Borders Matter?. Brookings Institution Press, 1998. 6. Shiomo, Oren, and Tovi Fenster. (2011). "In the Shadow of the Wall and Separation: Everyday Life in East Jerusalem." Palestine-Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics & Culture 17, no. 1/2: 54-63. 7. DeParle, J. (2010). Global migration: A world ever more on the move. Retrieved from 8. Joyce, Tom. (2010). Global migration: Do borders matter? Retrieved from 9. Ghemawat, Pankaj. (2007). "Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in a World Where Differences Still Matter (Hardcover)." Harvard Business School Press Books 1.

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