The Significance Of Professionalism In Nursing

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The recognition of professionalism in nursing is an unceasing subject of debate, plaguing the minds of health care professionals and nursing students alike. A profession is identified to be a line of employment based on specialized intellectual learning and thorough academic preparation, to ultimately supply expert services to the betterment of society (Wynd, 2013). There is yet no means of closure surrounding the question of whether or not nursing is a profession, but as nursing remains committed to provide care and nurturing to the ill and unhealthy, it becomes indisputable that a nurse is absolutely crucial and indispensable to the social order. Nursing is a profession that merges the advancing knowledge and data founded by contemporary…show more content…
Nursing has developed into an identifiable separate discipline a specialized body of knowledge called as nursing science was compiled through the research effort of nurses with advanced educational degrees. The required body of knowledge and educational proficiencies of a professional nurse aims to indorse self-care processes, which will become instrumental to preserve appropriate levels of healthcare for patients under care. This extensive education process incorporates teaching students how to provide culturally appropriate care, reduce environmental hazards and outreach to high-risk clients (Messer, 1914). Baccalaureate graduates in nursing have basic expertise and skills related to public health and have a breadth of knowledge in the general practice of nursing (Education Committee of the Association of Community Health Nurse Educators, 2010). Concepts such as altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice are highly valued at the entry level of the common…show more content…
However, the graduate nurse today must be educated in all lines of study, broad minded, and with enough knowledge to cope with any health problem that may pose itself in the hospital setting (Messer, 1914). The Education Committee of the Association of Community Health Nurse Educators (2010) identify the graduate nurse as adding to the sum of human knowledge, and ‘contributing to the improvement of community outcomes, cost-effective health care, and empowerment of communities around societal health concerns and global health issues’ (p. 374). Chang (2015) mentions that nurses are more likely to care about the future of their profession, and remain in it, all in due hands of nurses finding cohesion between their personal beliefs and their profession. The practice of nursing is not solely an assortment of special skills. It requires you to act professionally; to administer care in a conscientious and knowledgeable approach without impeding harm on others. It is more than just learning a set number of skills and developing quality assurance procedures. If only mere skill is necessary for the nurse, the modern surgeon would not have been satisfied to have a nurse pose the role of his associate in the
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