The Sign Of Four Analysis

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is perhaps one of the best-known authors in the world. If you are unfamiliar with him perhaps you 'll know his creations better. He was the original creator of Sherlock Holmes, a revolutionary detective who was far beyond his time and helped shaped modern forensics. The Sign of Four is a story takes place in India and while being an incredible story that gives much insight into the characters, looking at the story from a historical viewpoint gives us a view into the genus that is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Sign of Four was written in 1890 a year after the bertillonage method was created and widely adopted. Fingerprinting wasn 't widely adopted until 1892 when it was used by Juan Vucetich to convict a woman who had…show more content…
Yet fingerprinting is Mr.Holmes prefered method of identification in The Sign of Four. Fingerprints were also used in the adventure of the Norwood Builder as well as in The Missing Years. In The Missing Years Mr.Holmes explains to Mr. Carvallo how he analyzed prints "In my work entitled Upon the Distinction and Classification of Human Finger and Thumb Prints I enumerate five main groups of characteristic details and other sub-classification by which fingerprints may be systematically classified and recorded." This is very similar to how we perform fingerprinting today by classifying them into patterns such as whirl, loop, tent and so on and so forth. The one predominant difference in today 's use of fingerprinting is the rule of twelve. This rule indicates in order for a match to be confirmed you must successfully identify twelve minutiae shared between the sample print and the print you are matching…show more content…
“If this paper remains blue, all is well. If it turns red, it means a man’s life.” He dipped it into the test-tube, and it flushed at once into a dull, dirty crimson.”
This wasn 't the only time the famed detective used toxicology, in one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 's for famous stories devil’s-foot root is entirely based upon the identification of a non deadly drug causing hallucinations. Some hypotheses believe the drug to be LSD do to similarities in effects it has on its users. The second reason some believe the mystery drug to be LSD is because LSD is created from a natural alkaloid it may be found in the fictional root that was being used to drug people.

In the classic Sherlock Holmes tale The Adventure Of The Dancing Men, a man and his wife have been shot in their study. The man has been killed by a bullet directly to the heart while the missus is in critical condition with a bullet lost within her
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