The Sight Of Horror

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This day is something no one would think would happen on your honeymoon. Your honeymoon is expose to be the greatest day, filled with happiness with your husband. My husband Julian, and I, was spending our honeymoon on the Titanic on April 10, 1912. We were all ready to go to this amazing trip, which is mostly because we can’t normally afford these types of things. I’m not saying I was poor back then, but I wasn’t exactly rich ether. Julian and I, were just a perfect match we had been friends, from first grade. Until about eighth grade when we began to become a little bit more then friends. As the years went past we began to fall deeply in love as the days went by. Seven years went by and we had are wedding. It was one of those simple, cheep kinds of weddings. Mostly because we wanted a really good honeymoon. So my husband insisted for us to be on the Titanic! I should have told Julian no, it’s too expensive. But I guess what girl with love in her eyes would turn down, what sounded like the best honeymoon ever. So my honeymoon began off fantastic, we were driving to the titanic. We had all our bag’s packed. We were like mushy-gushy type of love, the type that should last forever. We stopped and Julian got out of the car. Just like any gentlemen he opened my door so elegantly and took my hand to help me down. It was around 11:30 when we got there. As we walked up into the Titanic, I saw so many men and women that looked in love as well. The man that we passed while going into the boat, gave us our room key and number. We went into are room and unpacked, we were going to New York. We both were expose to both be there on the 15th of April. The first day on the Titanic, we pretty much stayed in our room, and ate room service; you ... ... middle of paper ... ...t lowered down to the water. I stared up to were my husband was still smiling at me. I new he was happy he got to help out and do what he believe in, but why could he just have helped me not loss him. He blew me a air kiss as if everything was just fine. I watched the boat sink deeper and deeper into the water. To this day I can still feel his lips on my check. I may have had a husband for a short amount of time but that memory of our time together before what is burned in my brain. I have dreams of mu husband drowning, I know that he seamed just fine on the outside, but I new he was scared on the inside. I will forever feel sadness of this day. For the Titanic was horrible and things should have turned out differently. I will never find someone that’s a better match for me then Julian. I can’t wait to see Julian in heaven, I loved him then and I love him now.
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