The Short Life of Aubrey Turquand

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There was no feeling like it. The thrill of war. The heat of a battle. Nothing in the world could compare. It was neither positive nor negative. It just consumed everything; mind, body and spirit. All senses turn off; the only thing he felt was the weapon in his hand and the only things he saw were his targets.
All around him guns were being fired and men were falling.
In the distance, he a saw a yellow green cloud moving towards them, he could no longer see the Germans. He believe, like so many others, that it was a smoke-screen hiding the movement of the enemy coming forwards.
Captains began yelling commands, soldiers were sprinting past him to get to the firing lines of the Trenches. He followed them right into the path of the yellow-green cloud.
His captain was an odd man. His position came to him only through his money. However, in the midst of a battle social class dissolves and after calling the orders his captain also joined in the race towards the cloud.
His first breath within cloud seared his throat, the pain brought him back to his days at school, when the nurse had to give him hot water after his throat surgery. Nonetheless, this was still ten times worse, it was if someone had shoved hot coals into his mouth. Immediately he realized it was a poison. He looked around and everyone had fallen, most likely dead. His captain laid at his feet. He tried to find a way out of the cloud, but he could not breathe. After a minute’s exposure to the gas, he fell.
Everyone, at least once in their life has known “that guy”. This was the boy whom everyone knew, everyone wanted be friends with, everyone loved and stood out in all he did. He was looked up to by everyone younger than himself, and everyone older respected him. ...

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...ten spend his summer vacations there. His step-father made him curious about life in the military. Bertha was wary about Aubrey’s interest in the military as events in Europe were beginning to heat up and he was still ill. She was even anxious about Aubrey travelling alone to Winnipeg, so she asked Mr. Guest to have someone accompany him.
Then the war came out and Canada’s involvement, although not determined yet, was inevitable. Aubrey and school mates were eager to get involved. Few of his classmates enlisted before him and right away they earned high ranks in the military due to their family connections and money. Few of his teacher became involved as well. His stepfather joined straight away leaving his mother alone at home. Now, his mother was struggling more than ever, her husband was, and people renting her land were struggling to pay her due to the war.
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