The Shooting of Trayvon Martin: George Zimmerman

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On the night of his death, February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was in Sanford, Florida on a visit to his father's fiancee and her son at The Retreat at Twin Lakes. As Zimmerman noticed him he called the police non-emergency number to report a suspicious person in community, describing Martin as a very suspicious guy reporting that he had his hand in waistband and was walking around looking at homes. Also, Zimmerman is quoted saying that “he is just walking around looking about in the rain”, and “This guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something”(Wikipedia). Although the way he described him led to think of what view Zimmerman had of innocent, unarmed Trayvon who seemed like any other teenager walking about on the way home with snacks. The Martin family devastated requested that the Justice Department investigate the State prosecutor's office who they believed “met personally with Sanford Chief Lee on the night of the shooting and instructed Lee not to make an arrest”. This was a trigger event that initiated further protests in New York City and in Los Angeles. It was important because this wasn't acceptable to the people all over the world in which African- Americans who felt racially insulted and many people of other races who also protested feeling unsafe to the thought that it can happen to them and not receive fair justice disagreeing to the verdict. Thousands of protesters across the country wanted Zimmerman arrested and fully investigated. The importance of this event also was that Martin was a young teenage boy murdered by a watch coordinator who could have taken other measures in his suspicious thoughts from Trayvon on his walk home with no weapon or proof for concern. Trayvon's parents and many peop... ... middle of paper ... ...l over this country came because his parents refused to leave it there.” As his terminology used indicted the term “murdered” it shows that he also believed that Trayvon Martin was innocently killed and was against the verdict of the case. On July 19, six days after the verdict, President Obama gave a speech in the White house Press Room. Based on the Daily News Article it notes that Obama said “Trayvon could have been me, 35 years ago.” basically that he can relate to him and also he said that “black men in the U.S commonly suffered racial profiling”. His public comment made complete sense as to the fact not only Trayvon Martin was a victim of racial profiling and that any basically how any parent would want to know all the details into their child’s death, whether wrongfully or not but would go beyond any measure to find out and to stand up for the fair verdict.

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