The Shining by Stephen King

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Stephen King is a contemporary author of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. He is one of the greatest writers of the American horror genre. King wrote many bestselling books but his book The Shining, published in 1977, established King as a great American writer. The Shining is about a man, Jack Torrance, his son, Danny, and his wife when they become caretakers of an isolated hotel. Danny sees alarming visions of the hotel's past using a psychic ability known as "The Shining." As time goes on, Jack Torrance slips into a horrifying insanity and the only thing that can save his family is "The Shining." Stephen King is known for putting his past hardships, as well as successes, into this book. King, the author of the book The Shining, had and will continue to have an influence on American literature. King’s books, such as The Shining, were influenced by his background, historical changes, and new writing styles during the contemporary time period.
As told by the article “Stephen King” by Richard Bleiler, Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine. His father, Donald, deserted the family when king was about two, leaving behind few possessions and never to be seen, or heard from again. Left to raise two children on her own King’s mother, Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King, moved frequently and was also put under financial stress. Some of the numerous places the family lived are De Pere, Wisconsin, Stratford, Connecticut, before settling in Durham, Maine. “Although King had been writing since the 1950s, his professional career began effectively in 1967.” He received a scholarship to Drew University, a college in Madison, New Jersey. However, he could not afford to attend there (Ramsey, Peggy). King continu...

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...on is (Allen, Janet). Stephen King shaped the horror genre and will always be one of the great horror writers.

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