The Shining as an Exceptional Horror Movie

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The Shining as an Exceptional Horror Movie

Stanley Kubrick a.k.a. "The Master Filmmaker," was born on July 26,

1928 in the Bronx, New York City. By age 13 he had developed passions

for jazz, drumming, chess and photography. In 1951 at 23 years of age,

Kubrick used his savings to finance his first film, a 16-minute

documentary short about boxer Walter Cartier.

On March 7th, 1999, Stanley Kubrick died in his sleep of a heart

attack. He was 70 years old.

The Shining is a typical example of the horror genre because it works

by arousing irrational fear. Stanley Kubrick uses step down imagery to

make the terror in the horror, controlled and not too over whelming

for the audience, to make it seem more believable. The horror is a

paradox because it presents a vision of terror to the audience but the

audience try to fight everything the director is trying to achieve by

telling themselves that, 'it is just a movie, its not real, you can't

scare me.'

The Shining was based on Stephen King's third published novel, which

became a best seller upon its release in 1977. What also makes The

Shining such an exceptional horror movie is the way Stanley Kubrick

keeps the horror hidden from the audience and like most good horror

films, there is always a sense of the supernatural, good vs. evil and

a sense of isolation.

Personally I feel that the Shining is a typical horror film because

it's a situation where the victims are isolated from the outside world

and there is a mad man or something out of the ordinary killing them,

which is true of most horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, The

Ring, Signs, Jeepers Creeper's 1 and 2 and Dracu...

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This movie is perhaps Stanley Kubrick's greatest work. I feel that

this movie could not have had a better cast, and there is nowhere else

in the world where this movie could have been set.

I feel that Jack Nicholson's performance in The Shining was absolutely

stunning. I also feel that without Jack Nicholson, "The Shining" would

have been just another haunted house film. Jack Nicholson's depiction

of a man teetering on the brink of insanity was brilliant. We watch in

terror as the insanity slowly settles in and exploding fiercely into

this man, transforming him from one who is trying to repair his

fragile family life into a stark raving lunatic bent on destroying

everything he loves. It is truly a magical movie experience. So I feel

that The Shining really is the greatest horror movie ever made.