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Who Is Stephen King Writers have changed the lives of many people over the years. In times of situation that people do not want to be in, times of wars, poverty, near death experience causing one to be immobile, or even just to get out of this world the works they create gives people those opportunities to do so. Stephen King is a big contributor of his published works to people in every on every continent. He is a writer of both novels and short stories, a film director, actor and even screen writer of most of his novels that turn into movies, but is he mainly known because of his works in the genre of horror. Going from his first published novel, Carrie and one of his famous selling The Shining King have made history as the king of…show more content…
With the setting in a hotel in the snowy Colorado Mountains, it is about a man taking a job as a sitter for the Overlook Hotel throughout the winter time frame. The father and husband Jack took his wife Wendy and son Danny with him to live while he takes care of the place even after finding out about the pass events that happened there. The film provides a visual output for the text of what the author was trying to say. Which could be the way the way that the readers could not have seen the text, even if they have read the book before. Carr said “The Shinning doesn’t necessarily come off as a horror film” (Critical Genre). It may be that way because of the beautiful scenery in the film, but many claim for the time that is being created it is better than the book. Which is for everyone to decide based on their own perspective. Faye Carr states that King “directs the audience towards a psychological explanation for the apparitions” (Critical Genre). The Shining is not like other horror films during its time. In the movie when Wendy said “It wasn’t your daddy trying to hurt me” and that it was “the Overlook has gotten into [him]”(The Shining). During his time at the hotel while trying to write his novel, Jack mind slowly starts to be submissive to both auditory and visual hallucination. That soon started to make him act in irrational ways to, showing why Jack went on the rampage in the hotel to kill his wife and

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