The Shawl Analysis

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In the story of The Shawl, we follow a mother who struggled during the holocaust to keep her child and niece alive. She works to keep her child feed and quiet, after a while she watches her child get taken by the guards. She gets her heart torn watching her child ripped away from her, now she has to survive without her child. She must suffer alone Helpless that is the only one to explain the infant. She depends on her mother to provide her basic needs. Only the mothers’ body is so deprived of her own basic needs that she can no longer produce milk, by default she can no longer nourish her daughter. The only relief the child get is from a shawl that she sucks on. She cries until she gets the shawl they she goes back into silence. Hopeless, the way to describe the mother! After she watches her children not only starve to death, but to realize that she herself is dying a slow death. She is responsible for her niece and her young daughter. She watches her niece show the guards her daughter and then she watches them throw her infant daughter into an electric fence. She then has to keep on trying to survive after watching her daughter get murdered.…show more content…
We were bounced between foster homes, for years. She tried her hardest to provide for us. The life a young mother is always hard, but even worse when there are two lives depending on you to not screw up. As a young adult now I can realize the sacrifices she made in hopes of giving us a better life .The problem was she was still not able to provide for basic needs. When I turned three I was taken out of her care. I grew up resenting her, I thought that she didn’t care enough to try to keep me and my sister. I learned that she did try, but somethings peoples efforts just aren’t enough. She struggled with depression for years after losing custody of me and my

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