The Shackles of College Tuition

During my first week in college, everything about college was unknown to me. From what to expect in college, to the adaptation of the college environment, the college experience seemed nerve wrecking at first. However, the lessons from Freshman Seminar proved to be beneficial towards my life in college. Because of this class, not only have I learned about the college experience, I’ve also adapted learning techniques that have greatly improved my performance in my other classes, as well as being a successful college student. Also, Freshman Seminar has escalated my confidence level toward college. The Freshman Seminar 101 Experience has implemented a very precious memory that will stay with me throughout my college experience.
With the skills I’ve obtained in Freshman Seminar, I feel that I can use the knowledge from that class to assist in other classes in order to become a successful student at Bowie State University. In addition, with the current skills I have, I know that I will need to refine myself in order to be successful, but I am prepared to employ my skills that I need to pass my other classes and to ensure that I will achieve my goals in college by establishing positive relationships through the students at BSU in order to test myself on the challenges that I will encounter in the future. Because of Freshman Seminar, I have made precious bonds with my instructors and the friends I have recently made.
Overall, Freshman Seminar has proven to be beneficial not only towards my life in college, but also toward my personal life itself. I have learned many important lessons from Freshman Seminar, including the lesson of how it is up to the individual to be successful not only in college, but in the future jobs as well. I can...

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...eness of market structures has been causing American colleges to increase tuition and their expenses. It has also caused colleges to become more diverse. With the economy cost rising, the tuition is sure to rise.
Personally, knowing that my taxes can add to education, I would like to be a part of the movement by supporting education with taxes that I've spent to benefit the lives of the present and the lives of the future. Investing in education with taxes can be the greatest decision anyone has ever made, as with adding taxes towards education, it can provide all of the benefits that investing in either national health care or the military can create. With taxes going towards higher education, not only will I be proud to present the current present a better place, I can also ensure the success of the future generation, eventually leaving the world with no regrets.
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