The Sex Trafficking Of Oklahoma And Throughout The United States

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Slavery generates $150 billion for traffickers each year. 78% of slavery victims today are in labor slavery. 22% of slavery victims today are in sex slavery. With three interstates passing through our state, Oklahoma has unknowingly become a primary trade route for transporting human sexual trafficking victims across the country. We’ve also become an unwanted destination for the business itself – and the business of sexual trafficking here is growing. In March 2012, police busted a sex trafficking ring in Tulsa, OK where motel rooms and apartments were used for the purpose of selling underage girls and young women for sex. Customers were given poker chips in exchange for cash. The chips were then given used as a way of silently notifying the girls that they had been bought and paid for. The women were required to keep the chips in order to show that they had complied with the request. Sex trafficking in Oklahoma and throughout the United States is an extension of the organized crime -manned by gangs who operate territories. Girls are regularly transported from city to city, state to state, where they are sold, traded, used to pay off debts, or work as maids to serve their current pimp. Men and women known as a ‘recruiter’ seek out troubled girls, many of whom have been physically or sexually at home. These are lured into the world of sexual trafficking with promises of money, designer clothes and exotic travel only to discover they owe a debt that can never be paid off. Others are drugged and abducted, never to be seen again. In 2012, more than 150 phone calls from Oklahoma victims poured into the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. After being abducted, kidnapped, or lured into the world of prostitution and traff... ... middle of paper ... ...daughter has been kidnapped by this unknown person. They have been missing for weeks, and all you do is imagine how far they must be from home. You imagine them scared, hurt, or worse. You picture what they must have said when they were taken. How they probably cried out for you, but received no answer. You imagine the horrors that might be happening to them. You would anything and everything imaginable to get them back, no matter the cost, because all you want is to see your baby home. This scenario is what so many mothers, fathers, and spouses are facing everyday and every hour. If you think someone’s life or safety is in immediate danger, call 911. You might be the only hope this victim has between life and death. If you have suspicions you think needs to be investigated, contact the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Human Trafficking toll free hotline 1-855-617-2288.

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