The Severe Effect of Global Warming

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Global Warming

When we think of global warming, we think about Air pollution, rise of temperature, melting glaciers, carbon dioxide emissions and so no. But even though we know that these factors could lead to a global catastrophe, very often we do not realize what king of severe effect the global warming could have on our planet.

Imagine that you are placed into the future. It is some where around 2050. You begin to live in this new world, but the planet is not the same any more. You hear about huge storms over much of the North America that cause severe damage and flooding. San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal all experience major flooding from the ocean level having risen so high. Thousands and thousands of people die each summer across the world as the temperature soars to 65° C for 2 weeks straight. No, this is not total fantasy. All of these events could really occur over less then half a century. All of them are results of one problem — the global warming. It is a huge issue with many consequences. People just do not realize that all of these events could occur if the action is not taken. If we work together, and unite our efforts we can stop the global warming. (Thesis) It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else will affect the outcome.

*What is global warming

Global warming is the increase in the temperature on average during the extended period of time. It has been first noticed by the scientist some time around 1980s. Since then lots of studies were made about this issue. Scientists from around the world have come to a conclusion that the climate on the Earth is changing. Our planet is continually being warmed by different sources suc...

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...go up. Cleaning a dirty air conditioner filter can save 5% of the energy used. In North America 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide is released per person every year. We can decrease that number by simply not wasting the energy resources that we take form the nature.

Since the people's actions have caused global warming, our actions can also help reduce this threat.(climax) Anyone can help by taking personal action and encouraging the people in your community to do the same. We should stop looking at the global warming as at the prediction. It is already happening right now. The problem is not new. We know it is still happening, so why is it still happening?(Chiasmus) We could not afford to let it happened! Global warming is a time bomb, a race against time.(Metaphor) In order to will this raise we need to be together, to save out planet for the future generations.

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