The Seven Levels of Tension

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1681 words

The Seven Levels of Tension


When I was acting out catatonic I felt like I was dead even though I

was breathing, I had lost all control of my body. I had no tension all

over my body. If someone tried to lift my arm it would just drop to

the ground. If I was playing a character using this level of tension I

would play someone who was dead, lifeless or was in a coma.


I felt like I was half asleep, like just woken up in the morning.

While walking around I had no tension in my neck, only a little in my

feet enough to keep me walking. My back was slanted because I only had

a little tension in it. My arms just swayed around. I think this level

is called Californian because California is really laid back, if I was

to choose a character this is how I would play it.


Economic means only having enough energy in your body, such as having

a short conversation. As I walked around the room I felt very low and

upset. I had no emotion on my face. My arms felt like they had no

feeling in them. Sometimes as you walk around the school early in the

morning, you sometimes see people in economic.


Alert is the more neutral level. It feels like normal behaviour. Not

too much tension and energy is involved. As I walked around the room I

could have a normal conversation with someone. You are also very

familiar with your surroundings.


My character which I created for this level was very upset. I was

showing I was upset in a very over noticeably approach which I usually

wouldn't do in public. I had more than normal tension in my body,

especially in my legs, arm and face.


As I walked around the room using this level I felt like I had a

hunger for something. Not sure what that thing was.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that while walking around i had no tension in my neck, only a little in their neck.
  • Narrates how their arms felt like they had no emotion on their face.
  • Describes how they felt like they had walked around the room using this level.
  • Narrates how they tried to control their tension because if they lost, they would have gone mad.
  • Narrates how he steps up a level to alert. he stays at level for 10 seconds.
  • Opines that they did what they do when they get out of bed.
  • Describes sam, idriss, nick, and nick's catatonic personalities.
  • Opines that ross had a very loud voice to show he could speak.
  • Describes how they performed this thought track as if they were sitting down.
  • Narrates how they felt as if they were about to take a penalty.
  • Narrates how they sent you a note in german asking if you would like to speak german.
  • Explains that elderly people had to try to change their posture, type, and tone.
  • Explains that they had to use their arms to help them up.
  • Analyzes how the woman tilts her head down as if she had killed them.
  • Opines that the meaning of this piece is that any one can die at any time.
  • Describes how they felt like they were dead when they acted out catatonic and lost control of their body. if someone tried to lift their arm, it would drop.
  • Narrates how they shook their head, arms and legs to warm them up. they then tensed their body a little more.
  • Opines that if you hit low, hard, and in the corner, you'll be a hero.
  • Opines that they would change the way people moved the chairs, ask them not to do it too loud, and have lighting to give more light.
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