The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

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The book that I decided to read for this assignment was "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," by Stephen R. Covey. Initially, my reason for selecting this book was because my boyfriend had begun to read it and I noticed a drastic change in his vocabulary, which was beginning to irritate me. He was explaining every word and action in terms of choices; I choose to do this or I chose to feel that. And, because I didn't understand where he was coming from, I got aggravated and asked him to quit it with the list of personal choices. But, now that I've read this book, I'm actually impressed by the way Covey guides his readers towards better communication and improved relationships. In the first chapter of this book, Covey works towards explaining the concepts that make up the foundation of his teachings. We learn that the Character Ethic (what we are) is much more important than the Personality Ethic (what we say or do), but that for the last 50 years or so, we have been relying on the short-term benefits of the Personality Ethic to help us through our relationships. Unfortunately, relationships based on personality without character are like houses built on a foundation of toothpicks. This concept made a great deal of sense for me since I grew up in Southern California where image was everything and no one seemed to have an ounce of integrity. If a manager is busy kissing up to his superiors and pacifying his employees, he is wasting his time on showmanship and will never accomplish solid and lasting relationships. It's like living from paycheck to paycheck; there are no relationship benefits accumulated after each interaction. Also discussed by Covey is the importance of shifting from a world of dependency ("you") to one ... ... middle of paper ... ...pply the lessons of this book (P). We have to take time out, step back, and sharpen the tools we've been given. Since Covey puts such a strong emphasis on long-term solutions rather than quick fixes, this is the habit that will help us to remember that we are making life-long changes. When I first heard about this book from my boyfriend, I was not interested in it at all other than to make jokes about the title. But, now that I've worked my way through the seven habits, I find myself relating to the world in new ways. This book has opened my eyes to responsibility and maturity and I may even go back and walk through the process again. I really didn't think that I would like this book, but now I find myself wanting to recommend it to other people. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and I should probably apologize to my boyfriend about all of the jokes.

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