The Seven

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Joseph Stone walked down the sidewalk at night. He wondered if other thirteen year olds would feel comfortable walking home alone, because those sidewalks were familiar and warm because of the streetlights.
There were some gangs called The Smurfs, The Blue Shirts, and some other gang that he forgotten the name of, lived on this side of town. There were some people that play with fire crackers at dusk and some people even confuse that with gunshots.
He looked behind him and frowned. There wasn’t anyone following him. He looked forward and walked down the sidewalk again. He looked around, there wasn’t anyone following him or watching him.
Now I know why some people hate walking home alone in the dark. Joseph thought and found himself near an alley. He turned around and looked around the empty streets. He felt something start coming up and it wasn’t vomit. He knew that feeling he was getting. It was anger. He was angry that someone might be stalking him.
Joseph thought, if I’m afraid they might find a way to hurt me or something.
He pulled a necklace over his head, a silver two-inch cross with sharpened points. He held the cross up, pointing the bottom part away from him. “Stay away from me because I’ll shank you.”
That sounded more threatening in my head. Joseph thought and looked around again, hoping to find someone. He stepped backwards and looked at the two streetlights on each corner. The streetlight on the corner in front of him flickered for a couple of seconds and the light shut off. The summer wind picked up a little and he heard the sound of shoes hitting the ground as they ran.
He looked down the alley; he looked forward and behind him. He didn’t see anybody. He put his necklace back on and started his trek back home....

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...He stopped explaining.
“Go on.” Matt urged and waited.
Joseph started going on from where he left off and noticed Matt nodding. He kept going ‘mm-hmm’ and motioning for Joseph to continue talking. Joseph stopped and gave Matt his ‘I’m not amused’ look.
“Go on.” Matt urged and Joseph just glared. “I’m listening. I’m just kidding. Seriously go on.”
Joseph gave him one last look and started talking about the voices and coldness he felt. Matt actually listened intently, then he interrupted with a, “This story is more riveting then the Da Vinci Code.”
Joseph stopped and smacked Matt on the head, “Don’t bash that good book.”
“Should I be worried about the fact that you read that book?” Matt asked.
“Anyway, I ran into the house.” Joseph said.
“There’s one thing to say to that. Demons.” Matt said. “Can I spend the night, since I’m already here?”
“Obviously.” Joseph said.
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