The Separation of Germany

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One of the darkest chapters in German history besides other historical occurrences is the separation of Germany. The construction of the wall on August 13th, 1961 parted families from each other overnight. All at once people lost their jobs because their workplace was in another occupation zone. Many people couldn’t even reach their homes. Until 1989 innumerable citizens of the DDR tried to attain to their family again or to the supposed free world. Some of them managed it and got over the monumental building of the border fortifications but others got injured or even shot when they tried to escape. Even though who had their homes in Schönwalde in the district Schönwalde-Siedlung of today had to accept that they couldn’t use their property anymore. No one ever believed that they’ll get back where they once spend their childhood. Some waited longingly for their 60th or 65th birthday to go to the West to visit their families. From 1971 there was relief for the German-German relations. The border – also known as the “anti-fascist protective wall” – became passable again for foreign currency for the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany and for the Berliner, also for those people who came to Schönwalde. The way across the “Steinerne Brücke” was closed for them furthermore. The opening was long in coming … (die Öffnung ließ bis weit nach der deutschen Einheit auf sich warten)**. Not until 7th May 1994 the Schönwalder Allee and the Steinerne Brücke opened for private transport, till that day it was closed – a street that existed for centuries and which took traders and travellers on their way from Spandau to Fehrbellin -past the inn -???? Schwanenkrug. Unfortunately you can’t see the pavement between Berlin in ... ... middle of paper ... ...lien became a borderland and thereby it got lastingly impaired in its advancement. The “Steinerne Brücke” with the street to Berlin-Spandau was and still is an important lifeline of the region – not until 1994 it was reopened and is not adequately constructed up to the present day. Today’s preserved things of the barrier are only remains of the antitank barrier trench and the laid course of the channel. The 2007 dedicated memorial shall remind of these state of affairs. It consists of two original plates from the safeguard in the forefront that completed the true border fortification with the “death strip” towards the GDR . It shall be reminded of the victims of the separation in all their shapes related to the admonition to never permit that a system is put over the human welfare in Germany. ** They opened it a long time after the German Reunion.

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