The Sense Of Escape In James Joyce's 'Dubliners'

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Corina Waters
“Dubliners” is a collection of fifteen short stories written by author James Joyce. These short stories reflect on his feelings associated with the city of Dublin, where he grew up in a large impoverished family. After he graduated from the University College in Dublin, Joyce went to live abroad in Paris. Joyce finished writing “Dubliners” in 1905, just a year after moving to Paris, though he had trouble getting the collection of short stories published so it wasn’t officially published until 1914. Joyce moving to Paris indicates a sense of entrapment that led to his desire to escape Dublin. The situations in his stories differ significantly, but each character within these stories experiences this sense of escape that Joyce had. Joyce uses these short stories to
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The students could relate to the narrator in “Araby” having his first crush on Mangan’s sister or to the narrator and Mahony wanting an adventurous day off of school in “An Encounter”. In section two, these students, who have recently graduated from high school are experiencing changes and adjusting to collage life, will be able to connect strongly with the fear of leaving home faced by Eveline in "Eveline" while embracing the excitement of pursuing dreams for the future held by Jimmy in "After the Race". To college students the future is very important, and Joyce 's glimpses of life in the third section will warn these students that decisions made early in life carry consequences. Students searching for their place in the world will relentlessly question the spoken and unspoken rules governing our existence. College students will also be able to learn from the characters in section four who face consequences due to their bounding by conventions and norms of which they are barely
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