The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins

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Mary Lassell
Professor Reigler
6 April 2014
Dawkins Response
In Richard Dawkins book “The Selfish Gene,” he writes about how Darwin was the first person to develop a theory as to how evolution occurs, the issues of the beginning of life, and the double immortal helix of DNA.
In chapter one of “The Selfish Gene,” Dawkins speaks about how Darwin was the first person to develop a good theory to answer the question of “why are people?” he goes on to explain how Darwin explained that evolution occurs when a person has the qualities that allow humans to survive at the expense of other individuals. In addition, he writes of how Darwin explains how to pass on genes, generation after generation, through offspring. Everyone knows of Darwin’s theory of evolution, but Dawkins tries to introduce a particular interpretation of the evolutionary process. He believes that evolution should not be studied at the level of singular individuals or groups, but instead at the level of genes. He also believed that there are two main characteristics of genes manifested during the struggle for survi...
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