The Self-Esteem Influences

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Self esteem is way where people think about themselves and how worth line the think. And also we can say that it is satisfaction that same one has in him or her own abilities. Self esteem is feeling we have about our self. Self esteem is a realistic respect for or favorable impression of one self. It is feeling good about yourself, putting a high value on your worth, thinking or thoughts in your head about yourself and it is different depending on circumstances and relationship. “As children develop, they not only come to understand
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“Some theories contend that self esteem is somewhat epiphenomenal – if good thing happens, self esteem is high; if not, then self esteem is low. High self esteem is a consequence rather than a cause of positive social adjustment” . However, the other theories assert that a solid sense of self esteem is a positive resource that facilitates productive achievement experiences and offers some protection against mental health problems, substance abuse, and antisocial behavior. So which it is? Is high self esteem a resource that promotes positive development or merely a consequence of favorable life…show more content…
The evaluates a series of specific, testable hypotheses about self-esteem and examines laboratory and other findings in relevance to the sociometer theory and its specific hypotheses. This sociometer theory also reinterprets several interpersonal phenomena that have been explained previously in terms of the self-esteem motive. In specific, self-esteem refers to a person's appraisal of his or her value. Global self-esteem denotes a global value judgment about the self, whereas domain-specific self-esteem involves appraisals of one's value in a particular area. Self-esteem is an affectively laden self-evaluation. Self-evaluations are in turn assessments of on Self-esteem is a sociometer, essentially an internal monitor of the degree to he’s behavior or attributes along evaluative dimensions. Some self-evaluations are dispassionate. Whereas others are affectively laden. Self-esteem focuses primarily on individual differences in dispositional or trait
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