The Selected Six

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Warnings from scientists have at last become reality; prophecies from religious fanatics have been justified. The “end of days” is imminent because nuclear war has been declared. World War III will finally end humanity. However, all hope is not lost; the fallout shelter is ready to house the six brave individuals chosen to rebuild society after this catastrophic event. The report has been submitted to the President. The decision was not easy to make, but the fate of humanity rests upon its rational. The “selected 6,” an Army drill instructor, an African-American militant, biological researcher, a 16 year-old pregnant female, a 30 year-old Catholic priest, a movie star, and a 15 year-old boy, first year apprentice carpenter will emerge from this nuclear war unscathed. The survival of each of these people is vital, in that they have been entrusted with re-establishing religion, government, technology, economy and culture once the time-delay lock detonates. May God protect them. The process of “re-socialization” will be left up to the Army drill instructor and the African-American b...
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