The Secrete

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“Ringggggg Ringggggggg Ringggggggggg!” “That is the bell kids, get in line for class!”
Tommy was a little third grader that could not wait until he was older. He was just waiting for that moment when he could be a 4th grader. "Hey Tommy," Billy, a 4th grader, said, "I'm gonna tell you the neatest word in the whole world, but, you can NEVER tell anyone what it is."
Tommy was obviously so excited, he didn't notice his class had already gone into the school, ran over to Billy to hear the word. Tommy finally noticed that his class has already left and rushed in to class.
"Tommy," the teacher said, "would you mind telling us why you're late?" "A 4th grader stopped me after recess and told me the neatest word in the world!" Tommy beamed.
"Well, what is it?" asked the teacher.
"I can't tell, he made me promise not to tell anyone."
"You can tell me, I'm your teacher, and I get paid to know what you're thinking."
"Ok, it's Frumpalump."
"FRUMPALUMP?" The teacher screamed. She picked Tommy up, put his fingers into his nose, made him eat the bugars, and then threw him into the hall.
"Go and see the principal about that!" she yelled after him.
Tommy dragged himself to the principal's office and went in. "Hello, Tommy. What seems to be the problem?" the principal asked.
"A 4th grader told me the neatest word in the world, and I told my teacher and she beat me up and sent me here."
"And what was this word?"
"I can't tell you, I promised not to tell!"
"Tommy, I'm in charge of this whole school, including the teacher who beat you up, and the 4th grader who told you this word. Tell me and I'll see what can be done about what happened."
"Ok, it's Frumpalump."
"FRUMPALUMP?" the principal screamed. He picked up his biggest paddle, bent him over the desk, and began hitting him. "You're expelled! Get out of my school!"
Tommy walked home to find his mother ironing clothes. "My goodness, Tommy, what happened? Were you in a fight? Why are you home so early," she said as she ran out to help Tommy in the house.
"A 4th grader told me the neatest word in the world, and I told my teacher, and she beat me up and sent me to the principal, I told him, and he beat me up and sent me here." Tommy whimpered.
"Well, what was this word?