The Second World War (WWII)

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WORLD WAR TWO The second world was is the ugliest brutally violent emotionally damaging war ever. Through out this term paper I will use various references to inform you about how the United States wanted to stay out of the dangers of war with powerful ruthless countries. How Americans battled through many conflicts and various attacks, and finally builds up to the mighty United States of America becoming a huge world power. The war came about because of the depression. The world powers were struggling, but they still had their natural resources to maintain their way of life. Germany, Italy, and Japan however relied on foreign trade for food and raw materials. If these countries were going to be able to survive and compete they would have to overtake other lands with valuable natural resources. When German's newfound Nazi-leader Hitler obtained control of a huge group of men to do his deeds. His mass number of men overtaking Europe made many Americans start talking. These Americans were talking as though they lived in the ship sailing days. They felt as though their two oceans would keep them out of war and they could remain at peace if they simply refused to fight. Those Americans were against alliances with other countries so they were referred to as isolationists. Roosevelt opposed the isolationists. In nineteen hundred and forty when German bombs fell on the British Isles, the fight between Roosevelt and the isolationists escalated. Teddy Roosevelt was elected to a third term and begins building aircraft's for over seas governments as well as other various war equipment, but still refused to shove the United States of America into war. The German's were upset about this and used this rage to inflict more pain on the Jews. On August third, nineteen hundred and forty-one President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill meet at Placentia Bay to discuss the war in Europe and the far east. The two spoke of an eight-point system. At this meeting the two men pledged to aid Russia's struggle with axis powers it also sent out a warning to Japan to leave the Far East alone. Japan was expanding all throughout Asia. The Japs were getting ready for war and on July twenty forth, nineteen hundred and forty-one her troops occupied all ... ... middle of paper ... Americans. Men were smothered to death in dirt thrown by explosions. The foreign fighter pilots would attack hospital wards. This would force the patients to run for their lives even amputation cases tried to hobble out in the confusion. Prayer was the only escape for the disabled victims. Two days later the Japanese overran the Bataan peninsula. The battered American forces withdrew to Corregidor there they made another brave stand. By May sixth, however, they could hold out no longer, and were forced to surrender. Of the 40,000 soldiers that became prisoners to the Japanese, more than half died- some from the long march under the hot sun without food and water, some from mistreatment in the prison camps. This was a war that was fought on far away lands many people had to go find forgotten geography books just o see were their families were being sent to die for a cause of freedom. As president Roosevelt said “The news was all bad.”(1 page 753). German subs were sinking ships in Chesapeake bay. The Russians continued to advance on France. And , in England, German bombers were showering down explosives on London, Coventry, Liverpool, and Bristol all populated with civilians.