The Second Wave Feminist Movement

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Women during the 1960’s and 1970’s were tired of their lot in life. They didn’t expect much out of life. There goals were to work until they were married, and then they would quit their jobs and stay home and take care of the house, husband and eventually children. I was out of the question for a women to want and try to pursue a career. Women had few options in terms of jobs anyway the only jobs available to women were ones that were seen as feminine in nature, and did not allow much upward mobility, such as clerical work or nursing. Women began to demand better job opportunities and higher wages. They wanted equal rights to those of men. What is the “second wave” feminist movement, what did women try and do to gain equality, and how did this movement affect American women.
“Second wave” feminism was a movement created to bring equality for women. Women were not only
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Women were tired of being slaves to the kitchen. They were tired of gender norms telling them they had to get up with the baby or the sex was only supposed to be to please your husband. Women wanted to break away from these and feminist activist like Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and Helen Gurly Brown, helped women in the 1960’ and 1970’s stand up and say were not going to take this anymore. They were not longer going to be made to feel like their was something wrong with them if they didn’t want to get married and only wanted a career. If they did want to get married it didn’t mean that they had to stay home. They could go out and pursue a career without fear of being told there was something wrong with them. They could go to college and get degrees in something other than home economics. Women started pursuing careers as lawyers and doctors, instead of the traditional nurse and teacher. This is all because women of all different backgrounds came together with one goal in mind, to gain equality of all woman
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