The Second Stage And Beyond Gender

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Betty Friedan wrote many books, however, “It Changed My Life”, “The Second Stage”, and “Beyond Gender” will be mentioned in my paper. Friedan fought for many things such as the perspective of the change in school, home, and workplace, women’s rights, and women’s right to choose whether it is how they want to live their life or how they take care of their bodies such as abortion. The mindsets of women from her novels between the1960s to the 1980s changed drastically, from the time of women having plenty of free time, to women not having enough free time. Many women during this era, did not want to be like their mothers, and Betty Friedan was one of them. Women play such an important role in our society that they should be given everything a man is given. Still to this day women are fighting for the same rights as men. Although many people have fought for women’s right, still to this day are lacking some rights as women and need to continue to fight for equality. However, thanks to Betty Friedan for opening up many people’s eyes to the problem that people did not know existed and for having a voice to stand up to the world and going outside the norm of society. She fought to change the education, home, and workplace During the 1950s, many women did not have a say in anything. At the time women did not voice their opinions, but Betty Friedan was one who came out of her comfort zone and stood up for what she believed in for women’s rights. She could not just sit back and not do anything about it. Friedan did not understand why women lived the traditional lifestyle which was to marry a man, have children, and be a homemaker. Women still do this day want all of that, but women either choose to do so later on in life or not at all. Many... ... middle of paper ... ...d what other women would not do at that time. Freidan was part of the now National Organization of Women. In “The Second Stage”, a passage from The Family as New Feminist Frontier, a lady had stated, “We hated men because of the fact that we were dependent on them (Last name and year). People today want to be independent and to not rely on others. There comes a time when we need others, and need other peoples help. The majority of people want to be independent and be able to do anything they would like, but it is those who make enough money. People stay together with their husbands for many reasons, but one main reason is income. A lot of people cannot afford to be on their own, so that is a reason why many people are dependent on a man. We have come too far to let everything go. Women have more choices today than ever before, but still are lacking many choices.
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